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The plywood box chorus first appears in scene 200, controlled by Vaughn, it is sent running into a red sheet like a bull.


Later in the story, the Plywood Box Chorus becomes obsessed with feeding the Circle Frond (Positioned inside the Governor, but with the door open) with decayed funnels. It is seen to remove, with force, a number of funnels from Olivia, killing her in the process. It also starts to refuse to be controlled.

The Plywood Chorus enters frame and walks up to the Frond where it deposits... ...SEVERAL FUNNELS. One of them still has Olivia's
leather necklace through it, charms and all. A few strands of her hair are stuck in the blood that coats it.

The kids get the Chorus away from the Governor, and then close up the Governor with the Circle Frond inside.


The kids dispose of the Plywood Box Chorus down the hole.