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The hybrid chorus, which seems to perform better than the previous incarnations, is different in that it's made up of the 2nd generation of Flower Limbs; the one's made of flowers built using alternating red & green petals.

The new hybrid Chorus steps forward from where it was hidden among the building and kids. It moves like a newborn foal, 
stumbling a few times. As it makes progress towards Albert it becomes more surefooted. By the time it gets to him, 
it is moving at a regular trot. Albert puts up his hand to stop it. The Chorus comes to a halt under his hand like a lifelong pet.

Horse-Like Behaviour[]

The Hybrid Chorus is described as moving like a horse

Vaughn, wearing the Controller Necklace, leads the Chorus like a horse around the interior of the barrier. 
He gets it to gallop and LEAP in the air a couple times. Albert and others watch with excitement.